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volvo accidents    
click here for the stories. this webpage was created as a testament to the strength and perseverance of the volvo auto line. volvos have often been criticized for their boxy looks, lack of styling and so forth, but nobody has ever said that volvos were not safe. it is my hope and desire that after reading some of the stories on this page, you will gain at least a glimmer of understanding into the minds of the people who hold these cars in such high esteem.
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i've owned volvo cars since the summer of 1993, with the first being a 1981 242 DL. they've been great cars, and i've learned a lot from working on them. i've also gotten a lot of crap from my non-volvo owning friends - in fact they first asked me if i was pre-emptively starting a family with the purchase of a 'family' car. even my parents were shocked - i had been tooling around in late-70's toyota celicas at the time.
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a web page wouldn't be complete without the obligitory links to sites that i like. here are some of the few, the proud, the volvo links.
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