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  may '99 iPd swap meet pics
very nice 1800ES, it's even for sale! (197k)122 engine bay - nice quad carb intake (221k) [cameron's?]
out in the parking lot... (223k)wow there sure are a lot of them... (216k)
very pretty 262C Bertone converted to Turbo power (188k)nice boy-racer honda-killer (219k)
242 homogolated turbo? (268k)next to the iPd building, nice spread (207k)
very nice P1800ES (196k)P1800ES alt view (244k)
P1800ES engine bay (192k)NOT BOXY (223k)
nice 544 (210k)front end of previous 544 (195k)
slammed p1800 (210k)nice P1800 in parking lot (197k)
sweet 122, for sale - $10,500 (183k)engine bay - GMC 6 cyl shoehorned in (235k)
740 Vintercooler (193k)Vintercooler engine bay - notice the airbox (232k)
sweet 142 front end (190k)same 142 rear end (205k)
740 with V8 conversion (224k)close-up V8 conversion (240k)
445 in parking lot (needs TLC) (227k)P1800 in parking lot (206k)
very nice 142 in parking lot (214k)there were a TON of P1800's there this year... (217k)
240 Turbo - notice the air vent under the headlight (238k)another nice 240 turbo (186k)
iPd 940 project car (for sale) (192k)P1800 race car engine bay (214k)
iPd's XTC project car (206k)122 amazon (207k)
nicely done 242 cannondale (202k)242 cannondale (198k)
iPd's S80 T-6 project car (198k)iPd's S80 T-6 project car (183k)
122 amazon pickup! (184k)