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   1981 242 DL
1981 242 DL my first volvo. i love this car. it's had some scrapes and a couple of accidents, but my goal is to fully restore sven back to his full volvo glory and keep him going strong for a good many years to come.

more info:

purchase date:	april, 1993
purchase price:	$3500.00
engine:		B21F-MPG
transmission:	M46 (manual)
mileage:	145,000 (at purchase)
		189,000 (current)
color:		tan/brown

things i've done:

  • 205-60HR14 tires
  • replaced dash clock with tach
  • turbo instrument package
  • turbo steering wheel
  • new front windshield glass
  • synthetic oil and mann filters

things that i need to fix:

  • just about everything.

unfortunately I ended up selling this one. ah well, at least I sold it to a family member so it's still in the family.