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   1984 244 DL
1984 244 DL the latest car in my collection. pretty nice overall, too new to make any decisions about however.

more info:

purchase date:	april 24, 1999
purchase price:	$1650.00
engine:		B23F
transmission:	AW-71 (automatic)
mileage:	166,500 (at purchase)
	169,000 (current)
color:		maroon/tan

things i've done:

  • turbo steering wheel
  • replaced pass-side hubcap
  • installed cd-player

things that i need to fix:

  • dash clock (non-functional)
  • glovebox (lock turns but doesn't open)
  • check brakes (pads/rotors)
  • driver's side dome-light switch
  • shifter light

this one is currently not passing environmental checks. need to troubleshoot it - although I'm reasonably sure it's spark/emission related. perhaps new plug wires and a o2 sensor.