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   1986 245 DL
1986 245 DL nice wagon that we traded our rusting 245 GLT in for. what we really liked about this one was the low, low mileage and the nearly flawless body and interior.

more info:

purchase date:	november, 1997
purchase price:	$7000.00
engine:		B230F
transmission:	M46 (manual)
mileage:	76,000 (at purchase)
		122,00 (current)
color:		white/blue

things i've done:

  • added volvo amplifier (4x20w)
  • replaced dash clock with tach
  • 2" clock in accessory area
  • late-style volvo replica hubcaps
  • synthetic oil and mann filters
  • tried to fix leak in dr-side headlamp (gonna have to replace it)
  • free-flow 2.5" exhaust
  • new tie-rod ends and alignment

things that i need to fix:

  • minor dent in dr-side passenger door
  • minor rust behind bumper
  • minor rust behind cargo area glass
  • air conditioning recharge